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Overcome the Challenges of Financial Reporting

Transform your financial close processes with our range of modern, intuitive, easy to deploy financial consolidation and reporting solutions.

We help your finance team gain insight from value-add analysis. We introduce solutions that streamline, validate and control the collection of data from multiple divisions, subsidiaries and locations around the world. We integrate spreadsheets and transactional systems with consolidation models that enable one version of the truth from multiple charts of accounts.

Take away the pains of a financial close by automating foreign currency translations, eliminating intercompany balances, managing complex ownership structures and efficiently consolidating results. Comply with regulatory, IFRS and other multi-GAAP standards. Simplify the user experience with guided workflows that speed the mechanics of reporting.

We help you deliver timely information to internal and external stakeholders and help them visualize the results through self-service dashboards and reports accessible from computers, tablets or mobile devices.

Move on from stand-alone spreadsheets or legacy tools. See the story behind your numbers.


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Human verification:

Does your Financial Close system deliver:

  • Flexible reporting models that provide corporate and operational relevance?
  • High performance consolidations that easily cope with management and statutory demands?
  • Simple workflow navigations that lead users through a cycle with minimal systems knowledge?
  • Source system integrations that automate trial balance and supplementary data loads?
  • Complete data transparency and compliance with multi-GAAP audit standards?

For more information about our Financial Close and Consolidation solutions, talk to us today on 0203 411 0140

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Reduce planning cycle times, improve forecast accuracy and budget with confidence

Compare multiple plan versions, assess the impact of changes in key budget drivers and model financial outcomes.

Many organisations invest significant time and effort in planning, budgeting and forecasting, but often the result is a budget that lacks relevance and a forecast that is unreliable or out of date. Today’s changing and increasingly complex environment demands that your planning process is timely, agile, aligned with organisational structures and able to facilitate collaboration between finance and non-finance managers that understand your business.

We help organisations move away from manual, spreadsheet-based planning and budgeting processes, to more automated driver-based solutions with version control, workflows that simplify collections and approvals, configurable entry sheets that reduce errors, and collaboration tools that involve the right people at each step in the process.

We provide solutions that help you simplify financial statement planning, cashflow planning and rolling forecasts. We deliver applications with in-built functionality for revenue and expense planning, people planning, capex planning and projects planning that ensures fast cloud deployment of your planning, forecasting and analysis models.


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Human verification:

Does your budgeting, planning and forecasting system offer:

  • collaborative planning approaches across the business?
  • data entry free of errors and inaccuracies?
  • a streamlined submission cycle?
  • version controls for plan iterations?
  • workflow and approval procedures?
  • top-down and bottom-up budget processes?
  • timely and automated rolling forecasts seeded from actuals?

For more information about our Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting solutions, talk to us today on 0203 411 0140

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Visualize data for valuable insights.

Empower users across your business with self-service dashboards and analytics

In today’s world, a huge amount of data is generated both inside and outside of the organization. Extracting insights from this data is essential to progress, but as data grows in volume, transforming data into useful information becomes an increasing challenge.

Our Business Analytics solutions provide users from all functions with simple to use tools that take them beyond enterprise reporting into a world of data discovery. Intuitive interactions help users mash together information from different sources, use guided navigation and dynamic searches to find context in the data, and easily visualize patterns that transforms data into useful information.

Self-service tools enable users with limited systems understanding to work with dashboards, scorecards and interactive reports and quickly find value in the data. Our solutions can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, and are designed to be mobile, reactive to screen size and with interfaces that enable personal authoring of new analytics from any device.

Make powerful visual analytics accessible to everyone. Share insights that drive better decisions.


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Easy, powerful, analytics on-premise or in the cloud:

  • Start with the Data

    Upload your own files. Drag and drop to combine with other corporate data. Discover new insights with predictive analytics.

  • See the Story

    Automatic visualizations give meaning to your data. Drag and drop from a rich charting library to create compelling dashboards and reports.

  • Go Mobile & Share

    All your analytics are automatically available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Easy to share insights and drive collaboration.

  • Right Now, On Your Terms

    Better business analytics empowers users with real time understanding of your data.

For more information about our Business Analytics solutions,
talk to us today on 0203 411 0140

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